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People seeking a Master of Education (M.Ed.) may need to consider the cost of their degree. Getting a master’s degree can be expensive; however, the online degree programs from the School of Education at Mississippi College offer a private school education at public university prices.

A Flexible, Affordable Program

The online programs offered by Mississippi College’s School of Education are very affordable.

Students can continue to work while they earn a degree. The 100 percent online course schedule means that students are able to study where and when it is most convenient. They do not have to arrange their work schedule around courses given in a specific place and time. They do not have to relinquish job opportunities to accommodate studying.

The ability to continue working means that a student’s income will continue to be steady while they pursue an advanced degree.

The tuition itself is very reasonably priced. A recent U.S. News and World Report article notes that the average per-credit tuition cost for an out-of-state online graduate education program was approximately $612. The per-credit cost for all our program options is significantly more affordable than that — $383 per credit hour for the M.Ed. in Elementary Education, for example.

Payment Options

While the programs are affordable by graduate tuition standards nationwide, they are made even more so by Mississippi College’s pay-by-the-course option. There is no single-term tuition fee. It depends on the number of credits a student takes.

There are six program start dates per year, two to three months apart. Each course lasts seven weeks. Therefore, if it is most affordable for students to take one or two courses every seven weeks and pay for the courses as they go, Mississippi College of Education offers that option.

Pay-as-you-go courses are one of the most prudent and flexible payment arrangements available for graduate school. Students who utilize this option may be able to avoid taking on student loans or other types of loans.

Pay-as-you-go courses may also help students avoid dipping into savings to finance their advanced degree.

Financial aid is also available to those who qualify. Students who seek financial aid need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). For further information, call the Financial Aid Department at 601-925-3212.

Complete Your Degree in a Year or Less

Some M.Ed. students may find it more financially feasible to complete their coursework quickly so they can obtain higher-paying jobs more quickly.

Students can complete each degree program online in as few as 10 months (for the M.Ed. in Special Education Online and Elementary Education Online) or 12 months (for the M.Ed. in Educational Leadership online).

Mississippi College of Education’s flexible online schedule and multiple start dates enable students to continue working because they can study whenever and wherever it is convenient. With multiple payment options and affordable pricing, earning a Master of Education at Mississippi College may be the quickest path to a successful career in education.

Learn more about the Mississippi College online M.Ed. programs.


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