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Whether in local schools and district offices or state legislatures, the policy and practice of education is changing. Teachers are innovating in the classroom and reinventing old concepts of learning. Students are seeking more interaction with technology and new ways to engage with course content. Schools are planning for the future, while dealing with a host of challenges and opportunities in the present. And lawmakers are testing a variety of strategies to make education better and less expensive at the same time.

Administrators bring passion, expertise and wisdom to their work, and they help all educators navigate this swirling sea of change and potential. They give students the essential support they need to thrive and schools the leadership they need to grow. The variety of administrative roles within schools and school districts also means that career options for administrators are bountiful.

The online Education Specialist in Educational Leadership program at Mississippi College offers current and future administrators a fast, flexible way to earn a terminal degree and boost their administrative credentials. It features K-12 Administration and Curriculum & Instruction tracks that allow busy educators to complete a degree in as little as 12 months.

A Framework for Success

The program delivers a dynamic range of learning experiences, blending education theory and research with essential knowledge and skills. The core and anchor coursework offered in both academic tracks covers key aspects of administrative practice such as effective leadership, campus and personnel management, government and community relations, applied technology, and school finance. Students also participate in a series of practicum courses that allow them to apply what they’ve learned to the real-world situations they will encounter as administrators.

Students in the K-12 Administration track specialize in areas such as school district operations and federal and state program management, and they participate in an advanced personnel management practicum. Students in the Curriculum & Instruction track focus on curriculum studies, including refinement and evaluation, as well as instructional design and administrative technology.

Courses are taught by seasoned administrators, and they are based on the most timely and relevant practices in the profession.

A Host of Career Benefits

The K-12 Administration track offers a path to entry-level administrative licensure, a minimum requirement to hold positions such as assistant coordinator, coordinator, vice-principal or principal. This course of study also benefits credentialed administrators who are ready to convert to standard career licensure, or those preparing to move up the career ladder to a district administrator or superintendent role.

Educators in need of specialist-level AAA licensure to attain the next salary level in their current position or to qualify for another career-ladder position in administration will also find this Ed.S. track meets their needs.

Students in Curriculum & Instruction focus more on the role of teaching and coordination in administration as well as campus-based efforts to improve achievement. Courses in this track help educators broaden their knowledge and outlook on education, and expand their professional portfolio in the areas of research and technology.

This track is also designed to prepare educators seeking entry and standard career-level administrative licensure, or a terminal degree that meets administrative position requirements. Current administrators who want an additional credential in a curriculum or technology discipline will also benefit from the Ed.S., as will teachers, counselors, clinicians and other school personnel in need of specialist certification for a promotion or a pay raise.

Whether you are an emerging or experienced administrator, Mississippi College’s rigorous graduate education programs will prepare you for your next leadership role and lasting career success.

Learn more about Mississippi College’s online Education Specialist in Educational Leadership — K-12 Administration track and the online Education Specialist in Educational Leadership — Curriculum & Instruction track.


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