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Master of Education in Elementary Education

Prepare to meet the needs of all learners in elementary school environments.

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Take a Closer Look at Our M.Ed. in Elementary Education Program.

The 100% online Master of Education in Elementary Education degree from Mississippi College is designed for educators who want an in-depth study of topics specific to enriching the instruction of elementary students.

With a faith-based curriculum and dedicated faculty who are practitioners first, MC values the integration of faith and learning through the educational process.

Discover why MC is a great choice for your education degree!

Our program is flexible, featuring multiple start dates and accelerated coursework so that you can achieve your goals while you continue working. Whether acquiring the knowledge and skills that are essential to curriculum development or emphasizing current research and theory as it relates to elementary teaching methodologies, our online M.Ed. in Elementary Education program will prepare you to effectively respond to your students' needs.

In as few as 10 months, you can be prepared to take advantage of new elementary education career opportunities in education and training. Possible roles with this degree include Education Researcher, Resource Teacher, Team Leader or Elementary Instruction Specialist. This degree also affords a stepping stone to your doctoral studies.

After completing this accredited online education program, students can apply to the Mississippi Department of Education for an upgrade from a Class A license to a Class AA license.

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Apply research and analysis practices to effectively integrate current, research-based theory and practice
  • Create and modify effective assessment and evaluative procedures to meet the needs of all learners
  • Design and implement lesson plans and prepare curricula that respects and reflects diverse cultural experiences, as well as differentiate instruction for different learning needs
  • Effectively integrate technology across the curriculum
  • Demonstrate an understanding of content knowledge in subject areas outlined in the Mississippi College and Career Ready Standards, as well as national and other states' standards

See how our course schedule is designed for flexibility

The School of Education offers multiple start dates each year for the convenience of our M.Ed. in Elementary Education online students. Students should consider application date deadlines, turn in all the required documents, register for classes and pay tuition for their desired program start date.

Term Start Date App Deadline Document Deadline Registration Deadline Tuition Deadline Class End Date
Spring I 1/8/24 12/27/23 1/1/24 1/2/24 1/3/24 2/25/24
Spring II 3/4/24 2/21/24 2/26/24 2/27/24 2/28/24 4/21/24
Summer 1 5/6/24 4/24/24 4/29/24 4/30/24 5/1/24 6/23/24
Summer 2 6/24/24 6/12/24 6/17/24 6/18/24 6/19/24 8/11/24
Fall I 8/19/24 8/7/24 8/12/24 8/13/24 8/14/24 10/6/24
Fall II 10/14/24 10/2/24 10/7/24 10/8/24 10/9/24 12/1/24

Check out the qualifications for our online degree

The School of Education admission process has specific requirements that students must meet to enroll in the Master of Education in Elementary Education online program. Find out the requirements, what additional materials you should send and where you need to send them.

M.Ed. in Elementary Education Online Requirements

  • Send all official transcripts from previously attended colleges or universities
  • Must have bachelor's degree in Elementary Education from a regionally accredited institution with a 2.5 GPA
  • Must hold a standard, renewable teaching license in Elementary Education; a copy must be on file with MC Grad Admissions office
  • Documentation of appropriate, professional test scores
  • Must maintain 3.0 GPA through program

Transcripts should be sent to:
Mississippi College
Graduate Admissions Office
MC Box 4067
Clinton, MS 39058

Photocopies of your educator's license can be faxed to 601-925-7368 or emailed to

Comprehensive Exam

  • Applies to all M.Ed. programs and is taken by the student upon completion of program coursework
  • A student with a 3.75 cumulative GPA will be exempt from the exam
  • If student does not meet the required GPA, he/she can complete online or in written format and will have one additional attempt to complete if he/she does not pass the first time

License: A photocopy of your Standard Class Educator's License issued by a state department of education or a state educator licensing agency. You must hold a STANDARD, 5-YEAR, RENEWABLE LICENSE to be considered. If you do not have a copy, your school district usually has one on file and will make a copy for you, or an individual may request a duplicate copy of a license by submitting a completed Licensure Application and a $5 money order (personal checks not accepted) to the Mississippi Department of Education; Office of Educator Licensure; P.O. Box 771; Jackson, MS 39205.

Exam Scores: Documentation of acceptable scores are required. You may request the Office of Educator Licensure to provide scores on file by submitting a written request to the Mississippi Department of Education; Office of Educator Licensure; P.O. Box 771; Jackson, MS 39205. The request may also be sent by email to Kathy Hallman at Be sure to include your full name and social security number in correspondence.

Discover the degree plan for our online elementary education program

To complete the Master of Education in Elementary Education online program, students must complete 9 semester hours of core courses, 15 semester hours of advanced content method and 6 hours of electives for a total of 30 credit hours.


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Dr. Sydney Margaret Holbert
“If you want to learn best practices, engage in meaningful activities, and learn to research in a way that will benefit you in your classroom, MC is the place for you.”
— Dr. Sydney Margaret Holbert

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