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Teachers and other education professionals who want to increase their skills in their current job, earn a promotion or seek another position should consider one of the Master of Education (M.Ed.) online programs at Mississippi College’s School of Education. These M.Ed. programs are some of the most flexible, high-quality paths to a master’s degree available.

Flexibility is one of the most important criteria in any M.Ed. program, simply because many M.Ed. students are already working professionals. They serve their pupils and work with other educators on a daily basis, and many have families and other responsibilities to consider as they pursue an advanced degree.

Having a flexible program means students do not have to quit their jobs to earn an advanced degree. They can work and continue to earn.

Convenient Online Courses and Multiple Start Dates

The School of Education at Mississippi College offers M.Ed. programs that are very flexible. Each of the program options — the M.Ed. in Special Education, the M.Ed. in Elementary Education, and the M.Ed. in Educational Leadership — is available entirely online. As a result, students can complete coursework and study whenever it is most convenient for them. There is no need to be in a particular classroom at a specific time and date.

Students can begin the program at whatever time of year is most convenient. Students do not have to wait to begin an M.Ed. program until the fall or the spring, when their own teaching schedules may be the busiest. Students can begin graduate programs after the school year is underway. If your teaching schedule makes summer the optimal time for you to study, there are multiple summer start times for each program.

Each course lasts seven weeks, and there are up to six different times per year to start an M.Ed.

When students choose a program start date, they need to consider the application deadline and other relevant deadlines. The application deadline is generally a week before the program starts, and the registration deadline is several days prior to the program start date.

The M.Ed. in Elementary Education Online and M.Ed. in Special Education Online each require 30 credits for graduation. Students can complete each program in as few as 10 months. The M.Ed. in Educational Leadership Online requires 39 credits and students can complete it in as few as 12 months.

Though students can earn an M.Ed. in a year or less, the flexibility of the program allows them to take longer if they need to.

Practitioner Instruction

Flexibility is just one of the benefits of an online master’s program at Mississippi College. Because all the instructors are practitioners, they know what it means to be in the classroom, in the administrator’s office and in school systems.

Mississippi College specializes in transcultural, Christ-centered learning. It is recognized for providing the academic excellence of a small college at public university prices.

The more flexible a program is, the more likely the student is to succeed. The online courses and multiple start dates for Mississippi College’s M.Ed. programs ensure maximum flexibility.

Learn more about the Mississippi College online M.Ed. programs.


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