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Master of Business Administration

Be recognized as a leader with our top-ranked online MBA program.

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A Mississippi College MBA Empowers You To Navigate Challenges with Fresh Solutions.

Study alongside a hand-selected, diverse, and driven group of professionals throughout your course of study and develop your ability to effectively navigate business challenges.

Our online MBA courses were designed top-to-bottom for the online format. Thanks to many opportunities for engagement, including a hybrid option for taking some classes on-site, our students form lasting professional relationships just as they would on campus.

MC’s Online MBA Program Provides the Advantage you need To succeed

Our professors, nearly all holding Ph.Ds in their field, provide you with valuable mentorship and practical insight from their business management experiences. You’ll focus not only on the bottom line of business, but also the ethical implications involved and how a Christian framework informs decision-making.
MC’s MBA program explores business in a global context which is vital for pursuing a position at multinational corporations as well as understanding the implications of the global marketplace on the local economy. 

Choose from Online MBA Programs That Interest You

Mississippi College school of Business online MBA program offers a variety of degree tracks to choose from so you can focus on your specific areas of interest.

Master of Business Administration Core
ACC 6501 Accounting Issues in Business Decisions 3
MGT 6570 Leadership in a Global Environment 3
FIN 6541 Financial Management 3
MGT 6571 Quantitative Analysis 3
GBU 6552 Law and Ethics in the Business Environment 3
MGT 6572 Strategic Management 3
MIS 099 Spreadsheet Proficiency Exam (0 Credit Hours)  
General M.B.A. Courses
MKT 6581 Market Administration 3
MGT 6551 Management of the Human Resource 3
ECO 6531 Managerial Economics 3
MGT 6573 Management of Technology and Innovation 3

The Master of Business Administration degree builds on a foundational core of undergraduate courses normally taught at business schools. All of the prerequisites for the two-year General M.B.A. program can be obtained from Mississippi College’s Adult Undergraduate offerings which are taught at night.

ACC 201 Principles of Accounting 3
FIN 341 Business Finance 3
DAT251 Business Statistics 3
MIS 099 Spreadsheet Proficiency Exam 0
Total Hours   9

To apply for the Master of Business Administration program at Mississippi College, prospective students must: 

  • Complete the online application
  • Have a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university
  • Possess an undergraduate record and/or work experience that indicates the ability to pursue the M.B.A. program:
    • 3.00 GPA and above (GMAT is waived)
    • 2.25-2.99 GPA must meet one of the following:
      • 3-5 years of appropriate professional experience (submit a resume)
      • GMAT

For students who must meet the GMAT requirement, an appropriate score must be submitted by the end of the first semester (maximum of 9 hours) in which graduate-level classes are taken. Students without a GMAT score after their first semester of graduate work will not be allowed to enroll in subsequent graduate courses.

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