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If you’re considering a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and you’re already a registered nurse with an associate degree or nursing diploma, online studies may be your best bet. Not only are online programs well-suited for working nurses, but studies can be accelerated or slowed as life may demand.

As you search for the best RN to BSN online degree program to suit your specific needs, be sure to take a closer look at tuition, fees and specific requirements for each institution.

Here is a sampling of schools and current rates. Cost figures as of September 2019 were taken from university websites.

Nonprofit, Private Universities

Western Governors University offers six-month terms at $3,225 per term, plus an additional $320 in fees per term. Savings come from accelerated studies. If you can complete your studies in one year, your cost is $7,090. If it takes you three years, total tuition is $21,270.

Maryville University in St. Louis, Missouri, requires at least 30 hours for its online RN to BSN program. Each credit hour is $500 plus a $350 fee per semester. Tuition alone is $15,000.

Nonprofit, State Universities

University of Southern Mississippi charges $359.59 per credit hour for in-person, part-time students, with each three-hour class costing $1,078.77. Online courses have an additional delivery fee of $20 per credit hour. Your diploma or ADN education is counted as validation credits for a one-time fee of approximately $800.

Mississippi University for Women has a flat rate of $10,000 for its online RN to BSN program. This includes all fees.

For-Profit Universities

Capella University offers varied pricing for its online RN to BSN program. For quarterly studies, each credit hour is $357 to $375, totaling $16,875 to $24,267 for the program. If you seek greater flexibility, each 12-week billing session is $3,200, making the full program price $9,600 to $19,200.

University of Phoenix charges $350 per credit hour with all fees included. Graduation requirement is 120 credits; ADNs can get up to 87 transfer credits for previous studies. With maximum transfer credits, the remaining 33 hours to graduate will cost $11,550. With their tuition guarantee, rates remain the same as they were at initial enrollment.

Mississippi College

At Mississippi College, RN to BSN online classes are $298.33 per credit hour. A three-credit class is $895. Tuition for the 30-hour program is $8,950. Students needing general education credits pay $167 per credit hour for those requirements. There is no residency requirement for students of Mississippi College, and tuition is the same for out-of-state students.

Wherever you plan to study, carefully review program and residency requirements. In-state and out-of-state students typically pay the same tuition in online programs, but some universities charge higher rates and additional fees for out-of-state students.

Learn more about the Mississippi College RN to BSN online program.

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