Why Choose a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction?

The field of education is challenging. Trends are constantly changing, student populations are more diverse, and there is a growing focus on developing the skills to adapt curriculum and provide clear and precise instruction. If you want to grow as an educator and give your students the best chance for academic success, consider a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction. This degree will give you the knowledge and tools to improve your effectiveness as a teacher and increase student achievement.

What Is Included in a Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction?

Understanding the complexities of curriculum and instruction is key to transforming the classroom into a successful learning environment. Well-designed Master of Education programs that focus on those two critical areas teach the latest in scientific research and pedagogy, as well as the skills you need to assess new approaches and apply them in the classroom.

The M.Ed. C&I at Mississippi College teaches research-based strategies and the latest in brain-based learning. The program will give you a strong foundation in curriculum development and instructional strategies, student assessment design and implementation, and analysis of student data to determine best use of materials and educational resources.

Who Would Benefit from a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction?

The M.Ed.  C&I is a good option for achieving many of your goals:

  • Earning more money
  • Qualifying for leadership, administration, student assessment or research positions
  • Increasing competency in literacy and other content areas
  • Staying current on latest trends in education
  • Advocating for progress in educational policy

As experienced educators move through the program, they become more proficient in modifying curriculum and adapting instructional strategies to meet the various and evolving needs and preferences of students. Their practice in the classroom becomes more diverse, dynamic and effective.

Gradates often pursue positions in building-level administration as elementary, middle, or high school principals. Often considered a year-long position, principals in Mississippi earn a median salary of $93,323 per year in salary, according to Salary.com.

The M.Ed. C&I online degree offered by Mississippi College is affordable, flexible and comprehensive. Upon completion of the program, you can apply to the Mississippi Department of Education for an upgrade from a Class A license to a Class AA license.

Learn more about Mississippi College’s online Master of Education in Curriculum & Instruction program.


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