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When experienced teachers want to move into a position of leadership, one of the first steps they can take is earn a master’s degree in educational leadership. This advanced degree will prepare aspiring administrators with the necessary skills and knowledge to become a school principal or assistant principal or a department director or coordinator at the district level. For those future leaders interested in pursuing one of these positions while enriching their faith, Mississippi College offers a Master of Education in Educational Leadership using a faith-based curriculum in a Christian environment.

What Is Educational Leadership?

The concept of leadership in an educational setting involves a complex set of responsibilities, duties and tasks. The school principal does more than prepare the facilities budget and discipline wayward students. The curriculum director does more than review new publications and select text books. And, without exception, leaders in the field of education know that the focus of every decision and project must be student achievement and success.

Every position of educational leadership requires the ability to work with other leaders, teachers and staff members. Each leader must master the subtle nuances of organizing both people and projects. Educational leaders must understand the legal mandates imposed by governing bodies, including instructional hours, academic standards, and student rights, to name just a few.

When you accept a position of leadership, you become a representative of the school or district in a variety of settings, both professional and social. Learning to relate to community businesses and residents requires the ability to understand the needs and unique characteristics of different cultural, ethnic and racial groups, as well as special interest groups.

How Does a Faith-Based Curriculum Affect My Education?

The Master of Education in Educational Leadership program at Mississippi College “is designed to give working professionals a master’s degree from a respected university with a strong commitment to academic excellence. [It] … prepares you to be effective and efficient in your role as an education leader.”

What sets this program apart from others, however, is the college’s commitment to providing a quality education in an environment of Christian beliefs and living. The vision of Mississippi College is “to be known as a university recognized for academic excellence and commitment to the cause of Christ.” This vision is summed up in these six ideas:

  • Integrity — Encouraging students and faculty to exhibit Christ-like behavior.
  • Excellence — Using God-given abilities to produce high-quality work.
  • Stewardship — Making careful use of college resources.
  • Fidelity — Staying true to the life and teachings of Jesus.
  • Respect — Building communities to challenge, inspire and transform each other.
  • Inquiry and Knowledge — Pursuing knowledge and truth.

Upon completion of the master’s degree program in educational leadership from Mississippi College, graduates will have the tools necessary to integrate technology into their work and to use a variety of methods, both formal and informal, to assess students and teachers. Graduates will value diversity and the success of all learners. Finally, students of the program who complete the required 39 credit hours will have learned how to integrate trust, respect, and integrity into their professional lives.

The simple goal of the all-online Master of Education in Educational Leadership degree from Mississippi College is to “prepare experienced teachers, school administrators and district personnel with the skills and knowledge to lead and the foundation of faith to apply Christian character in leadership situations.”

Learn more about the Mississippi College online M.Ed. in Educational Leadership program.

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