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If you are an experienced teacher, you may be looking for advancement opportunities in curriculum development or instructional design and implementation. Entering the Curriculum and Instruction track of the Education Specialist in Educational Leadership program at Mississippi College could be a great first step.

This all-online program is designed for educators who want to strengthen their teaching and prepare for instructional leadership in their school or school district.

As you complete the program, you will acquire the skills, strategies and knowledge to meet the needs of students and colleagues alike. The 41 hours of coursework and practicum will enhance what you already know as a classroom educator and build you professionally as a leader and mentor.

Dynamic Areas of Specialization

In the area of leadership, you will discuss the characteristics of educational leaders, including how to cast a clear vision to achieve a common goal to benefit students, staff, the administration and the community. You will make in-depth studies of financial and personnel management responsibilities, such as budgeting and fiscal accountability as well as staff selection, evaluation, development and termination.

Courses also address how to communicate effectively inside the school, between buildings and out into the community. An advanced study of research design and the development of a research project will help you write research reports, proposals and grants.

In the areas of curriculum and instruction, you will explore ways to use statistics and data to drive instruction as well as to design research projects and apply research results to professional development.

The course Technology Trends in Curriculum and Instruction and its field-based counterpart are “designed to allow school leaders to develop the knowledge and skills needed in order to use technology effectively in the areas of curriculum development, instructional management, administrative tasks and assessment.” The goal of the required course and practicum in advanced curriculum and development “is to help current and aspiring leaders to develop competencies in the areas of curriculum planning, scope, sequence, reform, and evaluation.” Each of these in-depth studies provides expertise and insight into curriculum design and application as well as best practices in instruction.

Benefits of an Education Specialist Degree

As you study educational trends, you will gain insight into the changing world of technology, how it can apply during and after instruction, and how it can be used more efficiently for assessments and curriculum development. Deeper understanding of curriculum design, refinement and implementation will give you the skills to make timely, appropriate decisions.

For the teacher who leads a grade-level or content area team, this degree is an introduction to other professionals who are ready to impact instruction and learning in multiple settings. You will assist colleagues in the use of data to make important decisions about learner-centered instruction and assessments. You also will strengthen your leadership skills, with meetings becoming more meaningful and team members more willing to work together.

In addition, becoming an education specialist in curriculum and instruction will open doors to positions of leadership in other educational settings. The program prepares educators “to lead effectively as a Teacher Leader, Curriculum Director, Instructional Coordinator, or Curriculum and Instruction Specialist in as few as twelve months.”

Becoming an expert in curriculum and instruction with the Education Specialist in Educational Leadership degree at Mississippi College will not only make you a better teacher and leader in your current position, it will open personal and professional opportunities for advancement in the education field.

Learn more about Mississippi College’s online Education Specialist in Educational Leadership – Curriculum & Instruction track program.

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